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How does Cell Phone Lookup works?

Mobile Reverse is using a system which is doing cell phone lookup in all the areas and countries worldwide, using Google Search tool and Scrape Tool connected to a VPS alltogether and scraping all of the numbers worlwide. To do a cell phone lookup it will take you random duration, depending when the cell phone number is going to be found, it can take up from 1 minute to maximum 5 minutes. Is it free? Yes it's 100% free to use cell phone lookup so you can find any number !

Are all aspects of this legal?

Yes it's legal, you're going to find the owner of any cell phone number, by using our tool on the website. The scrape number tool is licensed and is made by professional developers, which are using it too. We have the licenses for using the scrape tool, and we have the rights to use the Google system connected with the Scrape tool. So using our website to do a cell phone lookup number is completely free and legal!